Welcome to Artic Aircon Private Limited

                 Artic Aircon Private Limited has a customized cooling solution for every industry requirement in cooling liquid process media like water, oils or emulsions. This varies from smaller aggregates for individual tool machines to complex facilities for cooling entire production lines. The engineering design is based on a variety of different performance parameters. Our products for permanent or part-time use have a modular structure for ease of maintenance. These basic models allow the use of many similar sub-assemblies to improve performance and quality.
                Artic Aircon Private Limited established in 1990 with a vision to grow as Process driven Quality conscious and Customer centric organization. Artic Aircon manufactures process cooling systems of various types which include Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems. We deliver products to our customers only after rigorous testing by our experienced qualified test equipment/quality personnel. We design & fabricate HVAC & R products based upon customized solutions (varies customer-customer). We also provide HVAC Consultancy Services to Industries like pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Plastic and all processing industries.