Welcome, We are happy to introduce our company Brand “ESKIMO” 

 Artic Aircon Private Limited has a customized cooling solution for every industry  requirement in cooling liquid process media like water, oils or emulsions. This varies from  smaller aggregates for individual tool machines to complex facilities for cooling entire  production lines. The engineering design is based on a variety of different performance  parameters. Our products for permanent or part-time use have a modular structure for ease  of maintenance. These basic models allow the use of many similar sub-assemblies to  improve performance and quality.

 Artic Aircon Private Limited established in 1990 with a vision to grow as Process driven  Quality conscious and Customer centric organization. Artic Aircon manufactures process  cooling systems of various types which include Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems.  We deliver products to our customers only after rigorous testing by our experienced qualified  test equipment / quality personnel. We design & fabricate HVAC&R products based upon  customized solutions (varies customer-customer). We also provide HVAC&R Consultancy   Services to Industries like pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Plastic and all processing  industries.

  ESKIMO :   Range of chillers was designed for, larger critical industrial processes and  customized HVAC systems. The development of this expanded chillers range was focused    on four important design criteria : reliability, efficiency, flexibility and control.

   Reliability  :CUSTOMIZED Chillers have been designed for ultimate reliability. Dual screw   compressors, Independent refrigeration circuits, automatic lead / lag control, state of the art  PLC controllers with multiple safeties, alarms, and premium refrigeration components all  combine to create a reliable chillers suited for the most demanding applications.

 Control  : Optimizing the performance of the Process Cooling Chillers is achieved        through a customized PLC controller. Close control of the supply water temperature and  total control of the chillers operation allows the customer to receive the very best          performance from the chillers and the equipment being cooled. Eight total steps of unloading  achieve optimal stability during changing heat loads, while minimizing power costs.    Compressor lead / lag control can be customized by the operator and insures even wear on    each refrigeration screw compressor.

 Efficiency & Flexibility :This new generation of ESKIMO Process Cooling chillers utilizes  the latest technologies to produce the highest possible  efficiency. by integrating PLC  algorithms, variable frequency drives, R-134a /407c/ Ozone friendly refrigerants and  cutting edge production techniques, ESKIMO is able to maximize chillers performance with    minimum energy consumption.

 Unlike many other manufacturers, ESKIMO has the ability to modify and adopts its standard  range of chillers to meet a customer’s unique needs. Chillers can be designed for high or low  water and high or low ambient temperatures. Chillers can be equipped with an Integrated  Free Cooling system, low noise option, high elevation package, pump and tank stations.  hey  can be adopted to integrate with almost any Building Control System. These options along  with many other custom additions allow ESKIMO to create the best solution for any  customer’s cooling requirements.