HVAC Services
Hospitals (Operation Theaters, ICU’s, Recovery Rooms, Patient Care Unit etc.)Clean Room Air Conditioning (for Defense, Pharma & Hospital Applications)Comfort Air Conditioning (Shopping Malls, High-rise Buildings, Office Complex, Schools, Residential Complex)
Hotels & Restaurants (Banquet Halls, Restaurants, Rooms etc.)
Precision Air Conditioning (Computer Server Rooms & CNC Machines)
Exhaust Ventilation (Kitchen Ventilation)
Sterile Application & non Contamination (100% Fresh Air Applications / zone pressurization)
Process Cooling (For Industrial Applications)
Cold Storages (Storage Facilities)
Car Park Ventilation
Staircase Pressurization
Smoke Management
Building Management System
Chiller Plant Manager
HVAC Controls
Pump Logic Control Panel
Fire Alarm
Access Control
Cold Water / Hot Water System
Fire Protection System
Lighting Control Etc.
Energy Auditing

Walk through Data.
Data Collection & Existing Energy Usage.
Plant Surveys & System Measurements.
Feasibility Studies
Our experience in determining the feasibility of proposed projects is extensive, including such diverse project types as chilled water distribution, thermal storage, Retrofit. We offer expertise in HVAC.

HVAC for Industrial and Commercial Facilities
For climate control in a wide variety of production plants, warehouses and other large facilities, Artic Aircon  provides a more efficient, more compact and better performing alternative that’s easier to work with than cooling tower systems
Key Advantages :

Easy Installation. Contractors and engineering firms are provided with detailed engineering   drawings