cold room
Controlled Atmosphere storage, useful , Multi-commodity cold storage, Food, Vegetables & Fruits Storage, cold  Warehousing, Cold chain, Industrial Cold Ross, warehouse & rural God owns for brief term storage, cold storage with Mesembryanthemum crystalline, potato Powder, Flakes & granules with cold storage, Cold Storage for Potatoes.Cold Storage is largely a term used for cold of frozen storage facilities, sometimes a term used for refrigerant of frozen storage facilities, sometimes used wont to store food or prescription drugs. Storage of food merchandise underneath low temperatures victimization temperature and relative humidity controllers to take care of the required conditions within the cold rooms similarly as ventilation’s systems to supply adequate storage conditions.The ESKIMO range of chillers was designed for, larger critical industrial processes and customized HVAC systems. The development of this expanded chiller range was focused on four important design criteria: reliability, efficiency, flexibility and control.


Reliability The ESKIMO chillers have been designed for ultimate reliability. Dual screw compressors, Independent refrigeration circuits, automatic lead/lag control, state of the art PLC controllers with multiple safeties and alarms, and premium refrigeration components all combine to create a reliable chiller suited for the most demanding applications.

Control  : Optimizing the performance of the ESKIMO chillers is achieved through a customized PLC controller. Close control of the supply water temperature and total control of the chiller operation allows the customer to receive the very best performance from the chiller and the equipment being cooled. Eight total steps of unloading achieve optimal stability during changing heat loads, while minimizing power costs. Compressor lead/lag control can be customized by the operator, and insures even wear on each refrigeration screw compressor.

Efficiency & Flexibility :  This new generation of ESKIMO chillers utilizes the latest technologies to produce the highest possible efficiency. By integrating PLC algorithms, variable frequency drives, R-134a refrigerant and cutting edge production techniques, ESKIMO is able to maximize chiller performance with minimum energy consumption.

Unlike many other manufacturers, ESKIMO has the ability to modify and adopts its standard range of chillers to meet a customer’s unique needs. Chillers can be designed for high or low water and high or low ambient temperatures. Chillers can be equipped with an Integrated Free Cooling system, low noise option, high elevation package, pump and tank stations. They can be adopted to integrate with almost any Building Control System. These options along with many other custom additions allow ESKIMO to create the best solution for any customer’s cooling requirements.