Chillers Installation and Maintenance
ESKIMO Artic Aircon Pvt Ltd  We offer best excitation Repairing Services realize complete client satisfaction.
Our company also takes care of maintenance and installation needs.   in order to reduce your loss of production, down time and saving your money we tend to get the job done with efficiency and quickly by experienced professionals.
We are renowned company for providing Process Cooling Chillers repairing service in India. Before providing these services initial we tend to assess the requirements, necessities of the chillers and provides them the precise resolution. we offer the excitation repairing service to our customers at an inexpensive value
We specialize ( Up to 5000 Ton) 
Process Chillers
Low Temperature Chillers
Open Drive Centrifugal Liquid Chillers
Air and Water Cooled  Screw Chillers
Our capabilities include:

Chillers Tear down and Repair
Modification of  your existing chillers
Control Panel Retrofits
Customized Re  Programming for the chillers
Condensers /evaporator(chiller) Repair /Replacement
By back your existing chillers
Rent a Chiller
Refrigerant  Reclaiming  and replacing with Ozone friendly Refrigerants
Providing All kinds of spare parts /suitable



Cooling Towers Installation and Maintenance
Eskimo Artic Aircon understands that the responsibilities does not end but start after the commissioning of the cooling tower. In line with this thinking  Eskimo Artic Aircon offers annual maintenance contract. Not only this, the products of Eskimo Artic Aircon come with a promise of unmatched quality which offers complete peace of mind to the owner.Eskimo Artic Aircon  provides annual maintenance services for complete upkeep and smooth running of the cooling tower. Supervisor under their guidance maintenance activity is done. Thus the expertise of OEM in running the plant is available for the whole year.Apart from this Eskimo Artic  Aircon also offers yearly overhauling of cooling tower in which whole cooling tower is inspected for possible problems. All such problems which were identified during preventive maintenance schedule and collected in the plant log are also taken up to be rectified.Customers having annual maintenance contract are also provided with updates on recent developments in cooling towers and how it can benefit them. Service personnel’s deputed by Eskimo Artic Aircon always keep track of essential spares and keep the cooling tower in the best of running condition. It is not a surprise that  Eskimo Artic  Aircon is one of the leading players in cooling tower industry and the testimony of the customers stands with Eskimo Artic Aircon.Services Offered:
Undertake Annual Maintenance Contract of FRP cooling towers
Revamping & renovation of cooling towers.
Supply spares for FRP Cooling Towers
Convert engaged driven to direct driven in picket cooling towersCustomized Cooling Towers for as per the customer requirement
Consultation  for  Industrial  Cooling  Solutions
Customized HVAC Equipments