Single Fluid-min
Brand: Eskimo®

Type: Water Cooled /Air Cooled

Compressor: Semi Hermetic

Refrigerant :  R410/407/134A


ESKIMO  Single fluid  adding  cool system with compressor, pump expansion tank, evaporator and condenser Air cooled / Water cooled Depending on the lowest operating  temperature we use single stage (Down to 30  ̊C) or two – stage compressors cascade refrigeration systems down to – 100  ̊C for very low temperatures Application with energy conservation being controlled by the variable injection valve or variable water flow injection valve or variable  speed fan control in air cooled applications. If there are several compressors, a sequencing system ensures energy saving equal – wear, partial load operation.

An electric heater or systems heat exchanges added the SUK line can be expanded to make a compact, ready-for –connection heating and cooling system temperature between – 100 and 250  ̊ C Additional pre –cooling via  in – house brine or air can easily be put into practice with the help of the modular system and as far as energy is concerned to conventional systems. The additional outer cold tanks that again are easily in- corporated into the system

only refrigerants which are free from ozone friendly chlorine – free H-CFC refrigerant substitutes, like for instance R 404A, R410, 134A etc