air cooled chillers


Industrial Cooling Solutions

ESKIMO has a customized cooling solution for every industry requirement in cooling liquid process media like water, oils or emulsions.Industrial Chillers manufactures This varies from smaller aggregates for individual tool machines to complex facilities for cooling entire production lines. The engineering design is based on a variety of different performance parameters. Our products for permanent or part-time use have a modular structure for ease of maintenance. These basic models allow the use of many similar sub-assemblies to improve performance and quality.


Applications for Process Cooling Chillers

Plastics Processing
Injection Molding Machines
Blow Mold Machines
Thermoform Machines
Cutting Machine Tools
Surface Processing
Coating System
Electroplating Baths
Medical Processes
Computer Chip Manufacturing
Chemical and Pharmaceutical
Food Industry
Laser Technology
Welding Engineering

Our Product Range

Precision Air Conditioning
Process Cooling Chillers
Cooling Towers
Heat Exchangers
Low Temperature Chambers (upto -80° c)
High Humidity Air Spray Units
(Pre cooling & Preserving Fruits & Vegetables)
Customized  HVAC&R  Solutions

Packaged terminal air conditioners
Air handling units
Split system air conditioning units
Self-contained air conditioning units
Rooftop air conditioning units
Chillers: centrifugal, reciprocating and screw
Computer room air conditioning
Cooling towers
Compressors: reciprocating, scroll, screw, rotary, open, hermetic and semi-   hermetic 



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