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ESKIMO Multi Facility commodity cold storage systems , They are useful to prevent Annual losses (shrinkage) in marketing vegetables ( shipping, processing, storage and retailing) are caused, high temperatures during handling, storage and transport, which increase ripening, decay and the loss of edible equality and nutrient values. Freezing and chilling injury from overly low temperatures may be involved. Other serious losses are caused by mechanical injury from careless or rough handling and by shrinkage because of moisture loss. May losses can be reduced substantially by following recommended handling, cooling, transport and storage practices. preserve various types of commodities in one cold storage

PRECOOLING SYSTEMSR apid cooling of a commodity after harvest, before or after packaging and before it is stored or moved in transit, prevents damage of the perishable vegetables. The faster field heat is removed after harvest, the longer produce can be maintained in good marketable condition.

Cooling slows natural deterioration, including aging and ripening, slows growth of decay organisms (and thereby the development of rot) and reduces wilting since water losses occur much more slowly at low temperature than at high temp. shows general effect of temperature on the market life of Fresh Fruits and vegetables.


These systems use specially designed ultra high humidity air handling units to produce a low temperature and high humidity air. These units operate on an “air wash” refrigeration system which produces above 95% relative humidity.


Basically, chilled water is circulated through a spray system and distributed over a cooling coil, and down through a direct contact heat exchange or large surface area back to the reservoir. At the same time, air from the cool room travels counter flow to the water and is cooled and humidifies by droplets of cool water and large surface area of the heat exchange.