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Water-cooled Chiller are built in with Scroll Compressors, Screw Compressors, Centrifugal Compressors , Magnetic Bearing Compressors,

Industrial Process cooling Water Cooled Chillers units are to work extreme weather conditions whereas maintaining the best energy efficiency. designing and the selection of equipment area unit critical to conform to superior standards. manufacturing and testing standards at our facilities are at par with the best, equipment’s are friendly operation type and they are backed by the competent engineering team .

Standard Specification

  • Brand : Eskimo
  • Refrigerant :CFC-free R134a and also R407C
  • Compressor Screw / Centrifugal
  • Compressor capacity variable capacity from 25% to 100%
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers ( Removable Bundle Type)
  • Brazed Plate Option
  • Condenser water Cooled
  • Temp Range +8°c to 20°C water Temperatures
  • Temp Range +120°c to -80 °c will be Option
  • Power 440 50/60 Hz
  • The Chiller meets for all Industrial Applications!
  • Customized Temperature for entire industrial process range
  • Process Pump (Built in)
  • Process pumps are Variable Flow Control Based on customer requirement
  • Secondary Pump (option)
  • Controlling of the Chiller (Programmable Logic Control systems)
  • Body Construction (Stainless Steel ) Option
  • Thermostatic expansion valve
  • High and low pressure control
  • Water circuit with tank and pump, in accordance with specific application requirements
  • Corrosion-resistant fixed piping in water circuit made from copper or plastic, plus stainless steel pumps
  • Switches and controls completely wire
  • Brine limit protection control